Monday, October 21, 2013

MSU plans automation of all libraries

VADODARA: M S University (MSU) has decided to introduce Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) system in Shrimati Hansa Mehta Library and at other libraries within the university library system in its efforts towards further automation of the library system. The system consisting mainly of RFID reader and writer machines, RFID tags and cards, will be purchased through tendering byGujarat Informatics Limited, a Gujarat government-approved agency, and installed and implemented soon at a cost of around Rs 50 lakh.

RFID is an innovative automated library system for automatic identification and tracking of library materials. It is a combination of radio frequency-based technology and micro chip technology and can be used to identify, track, sort or detect library holdings. It is an effective way of tracking and managing library collections, make them secure from thefts and at the same time provide enhanced services to users.

The university library system has more than 8 lakh books and other materials. Through RFID system, it will be easier to track misplaced books, maintain an inventory of the books and other materials and carry out fast verification of available stocks. From users to the library staff, it will make every one's job easier. Upon installation of the system, the bar codes tags will be replaced by RFID tags. As a result, the issue/return/renewal of books will be hassle-free - several books in a pile can be issued/returned at a time. tnn

Even users themselves will be able to carry out the process of returning books in book drop boxes any time of the day without the involvement of the library staff.

The system will also help in searching particular book or a material on the stack without wasting time. It prevents intentional and unintentional removal of library material without checkout and given an alarm against unauthorized materials being taken out of the library building.

It will also lead to significant savings in staff costs, provide efficient results and lead to full-proof security and access control.

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